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Broken Men​

“Broken Men”, is the heart-breaking and often misunderstood reality of domestic violence against males . Their voices are unheard and ignored, their shattered lives lived in silence and often shame.

“Broken Men” It is a valuable piece that reflects minute by minute the importance of truthfulness and accuracy of the theme.


The narrative inspires to take the viewer on an emotional and heart-wrenching journey uncovering the physical and mental strain experienced by the victims.
Strands of the narrative will explore the short and long term effect of the abuse on relationships with children, and the help and support available to victims, and how effective they are. How the authorities, state agencies and society generally view and interact with the victims. How traditional masculine stereotypes have impacted on our reactions and views of abuse and how we can learn as a society to be objective with different scenarios. How the impact of the abuse and the fear of ridicule are driving many men to face a silent and lonely reality and in some cases the taking of their own lives.


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Director: Teresa Lavina