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Acting Showreels

Who will make your showreel

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When it comes to your showreel we work the best so we make sure that what you get will put you out there when presenting yourserf.

Ruggero Dalla Santa, started his career as an actor, he regularly auditioned for short movies, web series’ and music videos in order to gather material for the showreel that would boost his career and get him noticed by the right people. Years and a lot of unpaid jobs later he realised that the material he had simply wasn’t good enough; either the overall quality of the footage was bad, or he wasn’t playing the characters that he wanted to play.
Does the scenario sound familiar to you?
Finding a calling in the work and creating showreels from scratch became a full-time occupation for Ruggero. Having seen lots of fantastic actors miss out on the chance of a great role because they didn’t have a good showreel, he was inspired to offer the best quality at the most affordable price.
Years and over hundreds of showreels later, One Foot in the Door Showreels is known in the industry as offering some of the best-quality showreels at an affordable price. Recommended by actors, casting directors, and other industry professionals in the UK, One Foot in the Door Showreels is proud to be one of the best in the industry and we are proud to fully collaborate with Ruggero and his team to offer his fastantic work in Ireland.
Ruggero works alongside a friendly and dedicated team to provide actors with the showreels they deserve.