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What Do People Think About Us

Ross Mullan
Game Of Thrones (Original White Walker)

This week I had a the great privilege of teaching two drama workshops with these bright kids. As an actor and teacher it never ceases to amaze me how much I learn from the younger generation. The exercises I gave them were intended to open up their vulnerable side and make them more tuned in to their instincts. Trusting to let go in front of one another is no easy task but these lovely souls rose to the challenge. Keep pushing through your fears and the sky is the limit.

Matthew Blayney
Filmmaker and Cinematographer (Emblane Films)

So I have just finished my first week with Teresa and Gavin teaching the guys some cinematography and I must say, I am overly impressed by the work ethic, dedication and all round creativity and energy in all aspects of the Cinema Camp thus far.
Each workshop that has taken place has been extremely professional and exciting.
Monday morning we will begin shooting the short film that the guys have wrote. 
Cant wait!

I've had the immense pleasure of teaching Makeup and SFX to these brilliant group of kids.
It's a fantastic opportunity for them to learn some new skills which they can then put into practice and maybe I've sparked some who may latter be the SFX artists of the future !!
I look forward to being involved in future workshops and the fantastic work Teresa and Gavin do 

Marianne Eustace
Dance Theatre of Ireland

I was lucky to be a part of this amazing summer camp! I taught the kids zombie choreography to Thriller to accompany their Zombie movie. This camp is unique as it gives Irish and Spanish students a chance to mix and learn each others languages and cultures. They learn different artistic skills such as acting, filming and dance a long with doing other activities and excursions. Teresa, Gavin and the group of kids were all so lovely and fun to work with! I would highly recommend this camp!

Adeline Geoghegan-Doughty 
Film Special Effects Designer and Prosthetics Artist